Coast Women in Business meets monthly to foster entrepreneurship and professional development on the Mendocino Coast of Northern California and beyond. We support diversity and inclusion, and invite professionals of all genders, from all locations, to join our online meetings via Zoom. Memberships are also available to all who support our purpose, including from other geographic locations.

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On Hiatus…and Important News

September 9 @ 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM PDT

I’m posting to confirm that there will be no Coast Women in Business meeting on Thursday, September 9th, 2021.

Sadly, I must also announce that Catherine Marshall recently resigned from our volunteer leadership team due to the demands of her primary work. We thank Catherine for her dedicated service to Coast Women in Business during the past few years, and wish her well in her new endeavors.

These circumstances mean that I am now the sole remaining leadership team member for Coast Women in Business (CWIB). I have been away in the SF Bay Area during the past three weeks, planning and implementing a major move of my studio, office and household items to my Mendocino home. Following my recent return, I’ve also been ill, so I apologize for the late notice about the September meeting. As I have not been able to access the CWIB Mailchimp newsletter account, I was not able to send out a newsletter announcement in advance. Hopefully, I will be able to send out a newsletter in the near future.

However, I also have other work demands and deadlines, and the scope of managing, programming, and marketing Coast Women in Business programs and our organization has become the equivalent of a paid, professional part-time job — it is too much to expect one volunteer leader to do it all, even though I have the necessary skill sets. Additionally, if CWIB is to continue as a volunteer-managed network or organization, it would be preferable to continue having a team of at least 2-4 members cooperatively managing it together, which we’ve been able to do remotely during the COVID period.

So, I must call upon all CWIB members and other program participants for your help, and ask that at least a few of you step forward and volunteer to be on the leadership team, or at least, contact me about it and find out what would be involved. You can reach me personally by email, at: hrudicka at, or by cell phone (or text): (415) 221-8213.

Catherine and I had started implementing program ideas for meetings through the end of 2021 and into the beginning of 2022. However, if I do not hear from any other potential leadership team volunteers by October 31, 2021, I will need to take a hiatus until another solution can be found for CWIB in the future. At this point, I will not be able to continue planning October, November or December programs until I hear from potential volunteers. I am willing to continue my role on the leadership team, but only if there really is a “team.” In particular, I could use some assistance with maintaining the CWIB WordPress website, sending out Mailchimp newsletters, and helping to maintain and moderate our social media accounts, as these are often the most time-consuming tasks. We also contact members of the media and other organizations about our monthly meetings, so public relations experience would also be a plus. There are other volunteer team opportunities as well.

In the long run, I think that CWIB deserves to grow and expand, in order to remain sustainable, and the prospect of an ongoing volunteer model, and a loosely run network, will not be adequate to sustain growth. Therefore, I have officially proposed to West Business Development Center, our fiscal sponsor, and the organization that started CWIB, that they take us “under their wing” and make Coast Women and Business one of their Women’s Business Center programs. In my written proposal, I offered to continue running CWIB, but with or without me, I think that this would be a natural fit and an obvious solution. To date, I am still awaiting a response. If CWIB members and supporters want to see this happen, I suggest that you contact the West Business Development Center and encourage them to support my proposal.

There has been some discussion about approaching other organizations to take CWIB on as a program. I would be glad to set up one or more Zoom meetings with those of you who have made these suggestions to explore possibilities. Because CWIB was started by West, and they remain our fiscal sponsor, I’m not sure if this would be possible, but we can explore it.

Finally, I want to thank those of you who attended our August 2021 “Town Hall” meeting, who made many valuable suggestions and offered your ideas about how Coast Women in Business can best serve the business community, especially in the current climate. I will take those ideas to heart, and if new team members come on board, I will be glad to share your ideas, which we will do our best to implement. Catherine Marshall and I will also be submitting a brief summary of those ideas and comments to West Business Development Center soon, for their information.

I regret having to take a hiatus at all, but it really has been a difficult time in my life to have to work through the changes on the CWIB leadership team in the past several months. I’ve undergone intermittent medical issues, plus changes in my business and other projects, and a move, while trying to maintain continuity in my role with CWIB. I hope that some of our members and supporters will step forward and assist me in sustaining and taking Coast Women in Business to another level in 2022.

Thank you for your support of Coast Women in Business during the past year, and approximately 13 years of its existence. I am extremely honored and grateful to have met the outstanding women (and men) in our network, and our excellent guest presenters. It has been meaningful and rewarding to serve on your leadership team for nearly two years. I have greatly appreciated this opportunity to interact with many members of our Mendocino County business community and beyond.

Upward and onward for all of us in the upcoming year!

— Cathryn Hrudicka, CWIB Leadership Team


A.B. Priceman
Real Estate

BUSINESS: Garden Ranch Real Estate
Providing a superior level of informed, professional real estate services to buyers and sellers in Mendocino, Caspar, Albion, Fort Bragg, Westport, and other coastal cities as well as inland Mendocino County.


Alena Guest
Clinical Hypnotherapy

BUSINESS: Aléna Guest Hypnotherapy
Practicing hypnotherapy to empower people to heal and make profound changes in their lives.


Anna Rathbun
Nutrition Consulting

BUSINESS: Anna Rathbun, NC
Helping women recover from stress and illness using food, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments - no judgments.


Catherine Marshall
Consulting for Nonprofits and Capacity-Building Agencies

BUSINESS: Capbuilders
Providing training, technical assistance, and project management for nonprofit and community-based organizations, particularly in the areas of fundraising, board development, marketing, strategic planning, and executive coaching. Founder Catherine Marshall is on the Leadership Team for Coast Women in Business, along with Cathryn Hrudicka.


Cathryn Hrudicka
Consulting, Coaching, Training, and Program Design

BUSINESS: Creative Sage™
We serve for-profit and nonprofit organizations, work teams, and individual entrepreneurs, executives, artists and creative professionals, helping them to design and define a new vision, navigate transitions, develop resilience, and innovate to maximize organizational or individual success. We design high-impact, customized creativity, innovation, and leadership programs, and train, consult with, coach, or mentor leaders of organizations, programs, and projects.

Additionally, we help our clients master digital transformation and strategy, and offer our services in social media, community building, multimedia content production, writing, editing, marketing, public relations, fundraising, program and project management, and event production (including concerts and performances). Based in Mendocino, CA, and the San Francisco Bay Area, we collaborate with a global team as needed for specific projects. Founder Cathryn Hrudicka is on the Leadership Team for Coast Women in Business, along with Catherine Marshall.


Cynthia Sharon
Residential Construction

BUSINESS: Dancing Dog Design Build
Specializing in high-end, residential, new construction and remodeling projects ranging from million-dollar homes to decks and kitchen and bath remodels.


Cynthia Wall
Family Counseling and Psychotherapy

BUSINESS: Cynthia Wall, LCSW
Offering family counseling and psychotherapy services for life's issues online and in person, helping others expand their life passion into viable ways of making a living.


Debra DeCarli
Law: Estate and Business Planning

Customizing estate and business plans that address your family and business needs and achieve peace of mind for you and security for your family.


Debra Jones

BUSINESS: Debra Jones
Offering bookkeeping and small business management services.


Donna Feiner
Water Treatment

BUSINESS: Feiner Fixings
Offering water treatment services.


Erica Fielder
Interpretive Displays

BUSINESS: Erica Fielder Studio
Creating interpretive displays and trailside panels for parks, hiking paths, and nature centers throughout the U.S. and overseas.


Heather Gurewitz

BUSINESS: MCRP Consulting Services
Providing community planning and economic development services.


Joyce Perlman
Wedding Photography

BUSINESS: J.Perlman R.Lutge Photography
Award-winning fine art wedding photojournalism - with a storytelling style that's a blend of documentary photography, contemporary portraits, and formals.


Judy Haun
Antiques and Museum Director

BUSINESS 1: Todd Farmhouse Antiques & Museum
Offering a wide variety of gifts and antiques.

BUSINESS 2: Trailer Cove Mobile Home Park


Karin Uphoff
Holistic Health

BUSINESS: Rainbow Connection
Empowering self-care through herbal healing, lifestyle consulting, and bodywork.


Kat Hanlon
Tutoring and Catering

BUSINESS: Kat Hanlon
Offering tutoring and catering services.


Kate Donohue

BUSINESS: Kate Donohue, PhD, REAT
Providing individual supervision and consultation, combining Jungian psychology and expressive arts therapy, and CEU courses.


Kate Haley

BUSINESS: Haley Whiteside Design
Offering unique custom home design, planning, renovations, lighting design, and landscape/hardscape design.


Lisa McCormack
Human Resources Consulting

BUSINESS: Affogato HR Consulting LLC
Providing exceptional HR advisory services with a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach, always built on a foundation of compliance.

408/933-3020 x701

Maggie Watson
Estate Management & Trust Administration

BUSINESS 1: Mendocino Fiduciary
Estate management and trust administration with knowledge and compassion by the only fiduciary in Mendocino County.


BUSINESS 2: Mendocino Solar Service
Solar electric system installation for residential and commercial properties in Mendocino County.


Margaret Fox
Rental, Food Preparation, Book Author

BUSINESS 1: Hummingbird Haven
B&B: garden suite rental in Mendocino.

BUSINESS 2: Harvest Market
Culinary director.

BUSINESS 3: Margaret Fox & Co.
Cookbook author.


Mary Anne Petrillo

BUSINESS: West Business Development Center
Preparing entrepreneurs to adapt to rapid technology shifts, a mobile workforce, and the growth of customization.


Michelle Lucafo
Dance Instruction & Homeopathy

BUSINESS 1: Surrender
Offering private and small-group dance lessons.


BUSINESS 2: Michelle Lucafo CCF Homeopathy
Providing classical homeopathic services.


Rainah Dancing Waters
Yoga Instruction, Massage Therapy

BUSINESS: Yum Yoga & Massage
Offering yoga lessons and massage therapy.


Romy Matamoros
Home Care

BUSINESS: Self-Employed
Providing quality in-home care services.


Sara Cowgill
Sustainable Landscape Consulting

BUSINESS: The New Green Advance
Offering sustainability landscape consulting, design, and installation using biointensive, Rodale, and permaculture principles.


Susan Israel
Law: Criminal Defense & Agriculture

BUSINESS: Law Office of Susan Israel
Providing criminal defense and small farm advocacy.


Terri Harte

BUSINESS: Terri Harte
Offering homeopathic services.


Terri Larsen
Data Visualization, Window Cleaning, Vehicle Storage

BUSINESS 1: T. Larsen, Ph.D.
Creating technical imagery for publications and presentations.


BUSINESS 2: Paneless Window Cleaning
Window cleaning for your home or business.

BUSINESS 3: Larsen Livery & Transfer Co.
Premium vehicle storage facility.

Tracy Salkowitz
Philanthropic Coaching for Families and Nonprofits

BUSINESS: Salkowitz & Associates
Working with donors to prioritize their philanthropic passions and with non-profits to ensure their future sustainability.



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