Hiring for Success: Difference Between a Good and Bad Hire

TOPIC: Hiring for Success: Difference Between a Good and Bad HireINSTRUCTOR: Lisa McCormackWHERE: OnlineCOST: Free REGISTER Details Find out the difference between a good and a bad hire.What you’ll learn: How to improve the efficiency of your hiring process Consistently make better hires Reduce turnover by hiring the right person for the job Webinar Series Human Resources 101 Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see past webinars and inspiring videos. Instructor…

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Retaining Good Local Workers

Round Table: Cynthia Sharon, Margaret Fox, Terri Larsen At our October 2019 meeting, round table participants along with the audience discussed many helpful tips on hiring, retention, and incentives. Hiring Tips about hiring employees or contractors included: Loyalty is more important than competence Hiring deal-breakers (e.g., must be able to climb ladder, have smartphone, have transportation) Create employee handbook and contract (with two-week notice if employees decide to leave) Ensure…

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Hear from local business owners on how they built their employee teams on Thursday, April 11, 2019 7:30-9 AM at the Caspar Community Center.