Phone Photography Notes and Tips

Image: Hands holding tablet with pictures - Coast Women in Business

by Baqi Kopelman

August 2019 Presentation at Coast Women in Business

From “Choosing Your Best Images for Social Media”

Take out your camera, compose the photo, check the angle, set exposure, click and repeat with slight variations… “What can I improve?”

  • Compose
  • Angle
  • Manual
  • Exposure
  • Repeat
  • Again

Exposure and/or focus – are set by touching the screen  touch briefly for instant exposure/focus, and hold touch for 2 seconds for manual exposure with exposure/focus lock.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) – set to Auto or Off in Settings/Camera/HDR; great for landscapes or nature, but not always great for faces or skin.

While Taking Pictures

Adjust your stance and hold on the camera with intent…photography is anaction sport. Shoot, adjust, shoot… After the first click, ask yourself, “What can I improve?”

You’re taking the photo because you saw something you want to capture or you’ve planned the photo… Either way, ask yourself, “Does the photo I shot match the intent or vision?” Also, “What choices can I make to improve the composition?”

Have fun, control what you can, shoot a lot, and edit later. 🙂

Editing note: Always edit your photos with simple adjustments or filters.

About the Author

Baqi Kopelman spent 20 years working in Hollywood and mainstream commercial media as a lighting director, director of photography, and photographer. As a result, he knows what it takes to create great images for social media. Baqi’s technical experience and intuitive camera work is evident in the images he produces—redolent of beauty, grace, and emotion.

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