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Radio marketing - Coast Women in Business

by Jamie Connolly, Katharine Cole, Terence Vaughn, and Karin Uphoff

December 2020 Presentation at Coast Women in Business

Marketing your business with radio and video is a great way to target specific demographics. Unfortunately, many business owners miss this great opportunity because they believe that it’s too expensive. These valuable tools are often overlooked, but they can be useful in your marketing arsenal.

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The Coast is Mendocino County’s FM locally owned and locally programmed radio station with local personalities, local news, and world-class music. You can listen to us on 95.3 FM, 95.9 FM, and online at

Radio Commercial Basics

Content is more important than the length of the ad. Keep in mind that approximately 150 words equals 60 seconds. Make no more than three points in an ad; otherwise, you’ll detract from your main points.

The locator can be your phone number (not advised unless it’s super easy to recall), address (location is better than physical address, especially with landmarks), or website and/or social media page. However, you should never put all of these in the same spot because it would take up too much “real estate” in your ad.

It’s particularly difficult for business owners to voice their own spots because of time/schedule commitments.


  • Tell the audience WHY they need you and WHAT your strengths are.
  • Avoid cliches and superlatives that you can’t back up.
  • Make your commercial personal and relatable. Use humor if appropriate.
  • Talk TO your audience, not AT them.
  • Create a consistent, meaningful, and brief tagline.
  • Be consistent in voice, tagline, and background music.
  • Always have an “evergreen” spot that can be used as a filler at any time. It could be an image (values) ad of your business.
  • Wherever you advertise, make sure you’re not adjacent to a competitor.
  • Let professionals produce your commercial.


  • Don’t create a “laundry list” in your ad.
  • Using a gimmick like “mention this ad” doesn’t really work unless it’s a big offer.
  • Never mention competitors in your ads or speak negatively of another because it’s a waste of time and reflects poorly on your business.

Why Advertise on The Coast FM

The Coast wants to help you build and maintain a successful business and achieve your business goals. That’s why we give you our best advice, based upon years of experience, on commercials, scheduling, and messaging.

Advertising on The Coast is an investment in your business so it’s in our best interest to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment with us. The Coast works with you to ensure that your advertising fits your budget.

Benefits include:

  • Most listeners in Mendocino County
  • Number one station with the highest average quarter hour for adults age 18 and over (also the highest average quarter hour for those age 12 and over)
  • Maximum exposure for your business with a limit of three commercials per break
  • Exclusivity for your type of business within any break
  • Professional copywriting included in your advertising cost
  • State-of-the-art recording studios to give you the best possible sound
  • Your message may be heard in many ways: 95.3 FM, 95.9 FM, streaming on as well as iOS and Android devices, Alexa, Google Home, and other streaming services
  • Flexibility with schedules and budgets
  • We treat you with respect and integrity


We’ve won the Marconi award as “rock station of the year” for excellence in radio broadcasting. We also won Crystal radio awards for excellence in community service.


For more information, please contact Jamie Connolly, Local Sales Manager at KOZT:


Underwriting KZYX is a WIN-WIN opportunity. By partnering with KZYX, you help provide volunteer-powered, listener-supported, community radio 24/7 while simultaneously promoting your business to our community. You can listen to us on 88.1 FM (Fort Bragg), 90.7 FM (Philo), 91.5 FM (Willits and Ukiah), and online at

KZYX is proud to be the only nonprofit, full-power NPR radio station reaching all of Mendocino County, nationally, and internationally thanks to our online streaming. Build awareness of your business or organization through KZYX’s underwriting opportunities.

Why radio? At home, in transit, in town, or deep in the country, radio is simply essential. It’s uniquely, immediately, and universally effective communication technology.

Introduction to Underwriting vs. Advertising

As KZYS is a nonprofit, noncommercial radio station, we don’t accept any advertising. Instead, KZYX underwriters and event sponsor receive on-air acknowledgements in exchange for financial contributions.

On KZYX, you won’t have to vie for the attention of a listener already bombard by an endless stream of advertisements. Your message will be heard in an uncluttered audio environment.

Our Listeners

Our listening audience composition reflects our members, donors, and volunteers who come from different ages and backgrounds, different religions, and different political persuasions. Our KZYX audience is eclectic and diverse, representing the cross-section of life in our community.

We know our supporters are community-minded, supporting media, arts, and culture. Our signal reaches the many tourists visiting the region and, thanks to our 24/7 online streaming, we also have members around the country and the globe.

Underwriting Rates

KZYX’s base underwriting rate is $18 per spot. Sister nonprofits receive the special $13.50 per spot rate. KZYX accepts payment via cash, check, credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

With 12 spots running three times a week for a month, you’ll spend a low $210 per month. Even better, if you support KZYX three months in advance, you can apply a 10 percent discount.


For more information, please contact Katharine Cole, Underwriting Director at KZYX: I look forward to helping your business thrive in Mendocino County and beyond.

Mendocino TV

Video ads provide an easy and cost-effective solution to your marketing needs. Mendocino TV produces video ads you can display on your website, Facebook, and YouTube.

We produce full-screen commercials for Coast Cinemas, the only movie theater in Fort Bragg, California, where (after the COVID shelter-in-place order is lifted) they’ll be seen before every movie in all four theaters at least eight times per day. You’ll be able to convey your message to over 80,000 viewers per year.

How We Work

Upon signing, our ad team will schedule a production session with you to select from a variety of styles.

We produce your videos with the dedication and care they deserve, working with you to manifest your creative vision in a cost-effective manner.

Video Ad Rates

  • 10 seconds – $130/month or pay for a year in advance – $1,300
  • 20 seconds – $240/month or pay for a year in advance – $2,400
  • 30 seconds – $350/month or pay for a year in advance – $3,500

Custom ad production available as an additional service.

Special event pricing available upon request – call for quote.

An initial, one-time setup fee is required for new subscribers.

The following includes basic video production, audio mastering, color conformance, encoding, and rate change to 24 fps for cinema standards.

  • $300 for 10-second ad
  • $450 for 20-second ad
  • $600 for 30-second ad


For more information, please contact Terry Vaughn at Mendocino TV:

Presenters: Jamie Connolly (KOZT), Katharine Cole (KZYX), Terence Vaughn (Mendocino TV), Karin Uphoff – moderator: Cathryn Hrudicka

About Coast Women in Business

Coast Women in Business supports the business community on the Mendocino coast. We meet monthly to foster entrepreneurship and professional development on the Mendocino Coast and beyond. Membership fees are $50 annually or $10 per drop-in meeting.

Note: We welcome all – all races, all genders, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations.

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