Craft Your Introduction to Attract Ideal Clients

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by Teresa (Terri) Larsen

June 2019 Presentation at Coast Women in Business

From “Compose Your Elevator Speech”

This exercise will help you effortlessly attract ideal clients by composing an introduction that will magnetically attract compatible prospects. You can use this as your 30-second elevator speech at a networking meeting or give it to your host to introduce you for a speaking appearance.

As you work through the activity, keep in mind the following dos and don’ts:


  • Describe the pain point you address
  • Express genuine desire to deliver results
  • Generate curiosity
  • Describe your ideal client
  • Deliver comfortably, in your own authentic style


  • List your products, services, offerings
  • Tell your history or business story
  • Give granular details of what you do
  • List your credentials or experience
  • Anticipate or respond to objections

I. Collect Your Thoughts

Spend some time fleshing out these 4 points before you proceed to the composition of your intro.

1. Describe Who You Work with

The more specific you get, the better. Even if you can help anyone, describe the ideal client for whom you can get the best results and/or that you enjoy helping the most.

2. Identify Client’s Problem(s) OR Life Milestone

Identify the problem(s) this client has that you can solve. Or describe where they are with respect to a particular life milestone.

3. Express Their Feeling(s)

Express how they feel about this problem or milestone. Go into the pain of their pain point.

4. Explain Expected Transformation(s)

Explain the transformation(s) they can expect to achieve when they work with you.

It may help to frame this in terms of:

  • Before and after examples
  • Tangible results
  • Your favorite success story

When you feel like you have written down all the salient details, proceed to the second step.

II. Compose Your Introduction

Using your answers from the 4 points fleshed out as you collected your thoughts, insert the key points into the following formula:

I work with ____________________ [key identifier of client from #1] who are ____________________ [feeling from #3] with ____________________ [problem or milestone from #2] who want/need/are ready for ____________________ [transformation from #4] and/so they can ____________________ [results from #4].

Example 1

I work with small business owners who are frustrated with their tendency to get sidetracked by distractions and who want to see progress in their business every day so they can start enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working for themselves.

Example 2

I work with recently divorced men who are feeling disconnected from their children, who want to fully exercise their rights within the legal system so they can get the maximum custody to which they are entitled.

Do you have any questions about how to craft your introduction to attract ideal clients?

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Terri Larsen is an award-winning producer of computer animation and an award-winning speaker. In her primary career, she consults as a data visualization specialist at while running several other businesses including Paneless Window Cleaning and Larsen Livery & Transfer Co.

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